The Five Essential Bag Styles You Need to Declutter Your Life

Create the quality bag collection you love - and have space for! 

If you have a wardrobe absolutely stuffed with bags that never see the light of day (tragedy), taking up space and falling down on you every time you open the door - it could be time for a rethink. As Marie Kondo would say "By acknowledging their contribution and letting them go with gratitude, you will be able to truly put the things you own, and your life, in order." In simple terms, if an old bag doesn’t bring you joy, thank it, and pass it on. 

By rethinking the bags you choose, you can make your life more organised, effortlessly stylish and a lot easier! Create a dependable bag collection that will serve every need you’re going to have without over cluttering your home! We’ve whittled the list down to five bag styles that can take you from day, to night, from casual to glam, to outdoor adventures to work to daily life - if you’re careful with your bag selections, you can bring that number down even more. 

The key? 

Focus on quality, not quantity!
Our resident brands Avenue, Casepax, Louenhide and Serenade all have beautiful, quality and versatile options to fit every lifestyle and taste! 

So, who made the essentials list? 

1. The Everyday Bag 

The bag you grab on the way out, your favourite, even if you don’t really know it’s your favourite. The everyday bag is the one that goes with you during your everyday lifestyle and is the one that is already packed with everything you need in it to run errands, head to work, out to the shops, coffee dates and any spur of the moment excursions! And just because it’s the ‘Everyday Bag’ doesn’t mean that it has to be boring! With so many functional, roomy bags that are bursting with vibrant colour, patterns and textures - your everyday bag still pulls attention! 

Check out some of your options! 
Serenade Brittany Elegant Leather Backpack 
Miss Serenade Kendra Handbag in Soft Blue
Hunter Canvas Shoulder Bag in Black
Avenue Lana Zed Leather Cross Body Bag in Dusty Rose
Louenhide Anouk in Mocha

2. The Traveller 

Living in one of the most beautiful places in the world is in no way a bad thing - and for all that exploring to be had, you need the perfect bag to take with you! For those adventures that need a bit more room for clothes and travelling items - you’re going to want the perfect sightseeing companion. If you are planning on high-end hotels for your staycation, try a gorgeously designed mobile luggage bag such as the Serenade Edinburgh Mobile Cabin Luggage - to turn heads in the lobby, plane or on the road! For a more laid back style, we’ve got the perfect travelling bag in the Hunter Canvas Weekender Overnight Bag. Whatever your travel style, choose a well-constructed bag that can fit everything you know you’ll need or you’ll end up with more bags than planned! 

3. “Just the Essentials” Bag

When all you need is your phone, your wallet and your keys and you’re out the door! This little beauty can also double as a nighttime bag for going out on the town or to dinner. For minimal fuss and maximum functionality - shop our small crossbody bags, mini bags and clutches for your ideal fit! For a fun pop of colour check out our Avenue Mini Bag in lime, or for a more understated vibe - the Avenue Zabbie Leather Cross Body Bag in rich navy

4. The Tote 

The trustworthy Tote is not going out of style any time soon! With the extra space and effortlessly casual design of a Tote, you can gear up for longer days out to almost any environment. Put the chic in shopping, studying, beaching, working, playdates and any other daytime adventures. With such a large selection of Totes to choose from, you can really put your stamp on what the Tote is for you in your lifestyle. Some of our styles easily blend from day to night, adding a practical splash of glam to your overall look. Check out the gorgeous striped navy Avenue Tote or a handbag style like Avenue Faux Leather Handbag in Grey

5. The Date Night 

While we tend to collect glam bags like these (because they are so beautiful) - if you are looking for just “the one” to suit every occasion and declutter your wardrobe - consider your wardrobe first. There are several versatile shades and styles of bag that can pair nicely with a wide selection of clothing colour combinations, so while it can be tempting to go for the one ‘stand out’ bag in a vibrant coral or lime, it may not be versatile enough to use with all your favourite outfits. While we LOVE collecting date night bags, if you’re searching for just one - opt for chic, neutral colours that suit your existing wardrobe and with enough space to hold your belongings.

It’s impossible to list them all so check out these tasters! - 
Avenue Leather Clutch in Black Lizard Print
Avenue Lila Zed Leather Purse in Red
Miss Serenade Madagascar Handbag in Animal Print
Serenade Beverly Hills Yasmine Leather Bag
Miss Serenade Mimi Cross Body Bag in Rose Gold

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